(CSGO/VALORANT) jNoxx - 60 Minutes

(CSGO/VALORANT) jNoxx - 60 Minutes

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Discord ID: jNoxx# 7989

About me:

I've been playing competitive FPS games for over 20 years. I started really young & amp; participated in tournaments as long as I remember & amp; attending LAN's as much as I could. Till this day I love to compete on the regular and try to have as high standards as I can for my own gameplay as well as my teammates. I have experience in coaching in both actual sports as well as esports. I love to pass on the experience I've gained over all those years onto the new generation or anyone who has an obvious passion for FPS games and has the hunger to learn. I truly believe anyone can be a good competitive player, as long as they have the hunger to learn and the will to improve. When streaming FPS games I try to teach anything I can to viewers who are eager to learn.

About the training:

Step by step guidance of what the most important pitfalls are in both normal gameplay and the big difference with competitive gameplay. I don't try to sugarcoat things, I will straight up tell you what the strongpoints are in your gameplay, and what points need some guidance. What to improve on, and what can be done by simple grinding. Even if you're the most talented player, you can learn a lot of things.
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