(HS) DenimBlue7 - 60 Minutes

(HS) DenimBlue7 - 60 Minutes

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Discord ID: DenimBlue7# 6948

About me:

I started playing Hearthstone when it came out and hit the Legend rank in the first season. I realized pretty fast that I'm good at the game and wanted to compete and play in tournaments.
I took part in small online tournaments and visited some local ones as well. After winning a few of those tournaments I felt like I could beat even stronger players and compete in the big tournaments, so qualified for them. I went to several events around the world in the last couple years and competed for thousands of in prizepool..
I have coached over 50 students and all of them learned something and improved in their gameplay!

The training includes:


Get to know the best decks and choose one. The trainer shows you which decks you can use to dominate the ladder.


The trainer joins you in the ladder, observes your moves and gives you tips on the best possible moves. You not only learn which cards to play in which situation, but also how a professional player thinks and how to get the best possible out of each situation.


The games played are analyzed so that you can learn how to find specific mistakes and continuously improve your game. Ask as many questions as possible, the trainer will be able to answer them all and explain his way of thinking to you.

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