(VALORANT) Svenskk - 60 Minutes

(VALORANT) Svenskk - 60 Minutes

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Discord ID: Fede#1076

About me:

My name is Federico 'Svenskk' Gerth, I am 18 years old and I have been competing since I was 16 in amateur mode, achieving at 18 years of age the transition to professional.

I have an amateur background in League of Legends and CS:GO.

I am currently the 9z Coach at VALORANT, with previous time at Azules Esports and Furious Gaming, achieving championships and competing at the highest South American level of VALORANT.

The training includes:

The training is COMPLETELY personalized, the needs and problems that the client presents will be covered.

However, I can offer 3 optional training plans that you can opt for.


Meet the agents and find the right character and combination for your play style.

Agent basics:

  • Basics: How do I turn my utility into kills? How can I improve general aspects quickly/efficiently?
  • I teach you to play any character.

Important general knowledge:

  • Management of the economy in VALORANT
  • Aim at VALORANT
  • Knowledge of weapons
  • VOD review


  • How to make the most of the characteristics of the characters.
  • How to read the enemy and use the information in favor
  • How to rotate
  • Time control
  • Pros and cons of each player Depending on the elo)
  • .Txt file with things to improve and how to do it
  • VOD review
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