(QUAKE) cha1n - 60 Minutos

(QUAKE) cha1n - 60 Minutos

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Discord ID: cha1n#5509

About me:

Hey I’m Greg, better known as ‘cha1n’. I am a professional Quake Champions player for Team Singularity. I’ve played versions of Quake since I was about 12 years old, only starting playing professionally since 2018. At my first tournament I won the CSL 2v2 championship for 25,000$ at Quakecon. In 2019 I started my 1v1 career with Quake Pro League, starting the preliminary kickoff tournament finishing 13th. Throughout the first season of QPL I improved drastically, finishing top 6 in the last 2 major tournaments of the season. Currently, at the time of writing this, 8 weeks in QPL Season 2 I am ranked #1, however true placing will be determined in December 2020 at the first tournament of the season.

I can teach you everything you need to know about how to improve your game. Most skills will be exclusive to Quake, however some can be transferred over to any sort of competitive drive.


What you will learn:

Mental Game: I will teach you about how to compose your mind, especially during pressured situations. This is the most important thing. At the top of any competition, what separates good individuals from great ones is a positive mental game.

Champion/Map Picking: A lot of the outcome of a match is determined in the champion/map selection stage. Together, we will find what you are comfortable with and how to manipulate the veto process in your favour.

Gameplay: This is a huge area to cover, together we will find which area you need work in the most and will go from there. Areas include: timing, positioning, aim, decision making and more.

Extras: Depending on your skill level and learning ability, we will go over tricks and tips, including trick jumps, special angles, rocket jumps and more.

I look forward to working with you, good luck and stay positive!

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