(BS) laurens - 60 Minutos

(BS) laurens - 60 Minutos

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Discord ID: laurens#3490

About me:

I have been playing Brawl Stars professionally at the highest level with great results for over a year now. First for esports organization Granit Gaming and now for LowLandLions.


About the coaching session:

I will review your games and make an analysis, about the most important fundamental moments, explaining all the moments and mistakes and how to start playing better by avoid those mistakes in upcoming games, explaining all the moments not only about your macro game and decision making, but also your micro game.

You ask me whatever questions about Brawl Stars, practice, game preparing, etc. Basically you can ask me anything you want to know or struggle with.

I will also watch your games live by either playing with, or spectating you and help you during the game.

I will help you in getting better as a player and how to climb fast by providing a personalized coaching session. I'm going to teach you how to think, how to improve, and how to find the best way to win the game.

I will help you improve at these topics:

1. Trading

2. Map awareness

3. Attitude

4. Powerspikes

5. Skill information (damage, CD, effect) of your Brawler

6. Skill information of your teammates Brawlers

7. Skill information of your lane opponents

8. Skill information of your enemy team‘s Brawlers (these 4 are separate on purpose)

9. Wall passing and other map tips

10. Poking

11. Team composition based strategy

12. Star Powers

13. Gadgets

14. Communication

15. Teamwork

16. Super conservation

17. Attack conservation

18. Initiation (how and when)

19. Disengage (how and when)

20. How to close out a game

21. How to stall a losing game

22. Analysis (learning from other players and seeing your own mistakes)

23. Controlling map

24. Being in the right place at the right time

25. Targeting (in a teamfight)

26. Teamfighting (in general)

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