(LoL) Torok - 60 Minutos

(LoL) Torok - 60 Minutos

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Discord ID: Torok#6083

About me:

Hey, I'm James, aka Torok. My background in League revolves around the European Regional Leagues working in the UK, Scandinavia, Greece, Benelux and EUMasters. I've been a professional coach for 2 years, and I'm currently working for Team Singularity as their Head Coach and Manager. I can teach all aspects of the game and some holistic concepts, such as how to develop a winning mindset, what great communication sounds like in competitive and many micro and macro skills. I'm available to coach all roles, and can also go over team VODs or professional games should that interest you. I can't wait for us to start working together, it's time to level-up your game.

What you will learn:

Mindset: The greatest divider between players professional organisations pick-up and players straggling in the solo queue ladder is their strive for excellence. This begins and ends with ascertaining a growth mindset towards your play, communication and others. Maintaining poise in a game is everything when it comes to achieving victory, from ahead or especially behind.

Design a Champion Pool: Being a coach and having performed thousands of drafts over the years, I know that selecting the right champion in the right situation can be the key to victory. Learn how to build a champion pool and to think more in-depth about champion select. Sometimes, it may win you the game before its even started.

Macro Concepts: Are you struggling with converting huge leads you've built in-lane and just can't win the game? Macro might just be what you're missing. This is by far one of the largest things to learn in League of Legends and even pros are still students. Macro is all about pushing your leads across the map to build greater gold advantages than you could accrue alone.

Micro Concepts: Do you want to improve your lane phase and trading patterns? Do you find yourself often coming out behind in the first 10 minutes? Improving micro is all about understanding matchups, and understanding your role within a game. As soon as you know what you're playing for, key areas such as wave management, trading and roaming all become more apparent and easy to learn.

Extras: I'm always willing to talk league, and can always be reached outside of these sessions for some extra questions. I can always go further than expressed in the summaries here, so if you're unsure about what you need to learn or would like to ask me a specific question, just get in touch.

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